Our approach to your assessment and our knowledge of human movement and exercise prescription sets us apart from other allied health professionals.

The development of our approach has been extracted from varied influences; nervous system specialist doctors and therapists in Europe, to orthopaedic surgeons and osteopaths in North America and to forward-thinking physiotherapists both in Australia and abroad. From this bundle of knowledge, two clever physiotherapists in Australia, Roger Fitzgerald and Louise O’Connor, found a way to dissect the best bits of each of these practices and link them together to form a streamlined philosophy that we use today.

To describe this philosophy in words is challenging. Its foundation is basic human movement and how deviations from this may influence your pain or injury.

To truly understand what we do, you need to experience it. You may experience a feeling of ‘lightness’, ‘smoothness’, ‘being balanced’ or just simply more relaxed. These are all signs that your system is working more efficiently. It is this achievement of efficiency that we will use as a platform for treating your concerns.

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