Arriving at a physiotherapy clinic for the first time can be a daunting experience. We try to create a relaxed and friendly environment. The more relaxed you feel, the more we (as a patient-therapist team) can achieve in the appointment.

Once you are welcomed into a private room by your physiotherapist, we will strike up a conversation about why you are here and who you are. When your physiotherapist has derived enough information from you, you will be asked to do some basic movements. These usually include walking and any other movement that relates to your pain.

Your physiotherapist may then perform some specialised testing with your assistance. Putting all this information together, we will explain how it all links and what the plan is for the remainder of the appointment and/or moving forward.

This plan may include hands-on treatment, exercise testing and prescription, advice and education, taping or a combination of any number of these. From here, you will leave the appointment with a plan, more knowledge about you and your body and hopefully feeling ‘the difference’.

Musculoskeletal physiotherapy

This stream encompasses your typical aches and pains, from lower back and hip pain to shoulder pain.

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Sports physiotherapy

Joint sprains, muscle strains and performance physiotherapy lay under this wing. This could include anything from an ankle sprain playing netball to maximising your running efficiency.

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Pre-teen and adolescent physiotherapy

This stage of life is extremely important for our development, in so many ways. In particular, our bodies are undergoing physical changes that can impact us throughout the lifespan. The development of scoliosis, other bony changes to the chest and ribs and age-typical knee and ankle pain all need to be carefully monitored during this period.

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Pelvic health physiotherapy

Synonymous with women’s health physiotherapy (pelvic floor dysfunction, bladder/bowel control, pre- and post-partum rehabilitation) our titled physiotherapist also treats issues arising for men (prostate) and children.

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Post-surgical rehabilitation

Typically, this stream is encapsulated by the intensive rehabilitation required following a surgical procedure. This could include treatment and planning following a shoulder replacement, ACL reconstruction or spinal surgery.

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Longstanding pain physiotherapy

The majority of what we see in clinic is those of you with longstanding pain. It could be a decade’s worth of back pain, headaches/migraines, specific joint pain our whole-body pain.

These circumstances must be dealt with progressively and involve a multi-disciplinary approach. Feel rest assured that we have the experience and the motivation to assist with these situations.

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Headaches & migraines

Our philosophy lends itself to finding the true source of your headache and/or migraine. These may purely be from a muscular origin, or it could be multi-faceted. In any sense, we are uniquely positioned to treat you in a way that we give you clear direction towards being pain-free.

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Neurological physiotherapy

Our philosophy is steeped in nervous system knowledge. We can apply this knowledge to numerous settings from cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, auto-immune disorders or even developmental delay to ASD in children.

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Workplace physiotherapy

We can provide advice and education regarding a workplace setting, especially in the manual industries with our mining experience. This can also extend to workplace ergonomics and work hardening for return-to-work schedules.

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Taping courses

These courses are run via expressions of interest only and usually need a minimum of 10 participants. We will cover techniques for both rigid taping and rocktape, which can be covered in about 3-4 hours.

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