The first interaction you will have with our exercise science crew is when you arrive for your testing session. Don’t be nervous – this is just our way of getting to know you better. The more we know, the more you get out of your session and the better you move.

Being able to move freely and easily is one of the most important facets of our health. Our exercise science team are movement experts. They apply this expertise to young up-and-coming athletes, to someone recovering from a hip replacement or to the average joe just looking to maximise their running potential. The options are endless. If you are human and you want to move better, our exercise science team can help.

Don’t let our session names spook you. The words ‘athletic’ and ‘performance’ are merely just a focus point for the sessions. They relate to “movement improvement” and human performance, not just solely targeted at our most athletic population. However, you will be treated like a prized athlete with progressive programming tailored to you, constant supervision, instruction, cueing, encouragement and celebrating your success.

It is strength and conditioning and rehabilitation done differently. The Movement Improvement way.

Athletic Development

This type of training is for anyone who wants to learn how to move better. It is called athletic development because it is designed to make you more athletic. You do not have to be an athlete to be involved in these programs. They are specifically tailored to you as an individual and whatever your goal is. This could vary from improving running technique, balance, coordination, or a combination of these and many more aspects of athleticism.

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Performance Training

Designed for those with lofty athletic goals. This could be as an individual improving one part of your game that needs work or for a team. You could target jumping for basketball, contact situations on the football field or taking all your skills to the next level. The options and programming options are only restricted by your commitment and our program delivery.

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Performance Testing

Predominately used for teams to highlight areas that need work as a whole, but this can be applied to individuals attending our space in Rockhampton too. We will use the latest technology such as force plate, timing gates and updated strategies measuring your ability to move.

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MOVE Camps

Mostly run during school holidays, these camps aim to give you the basic tools to improve your movement and athleticism. These camps can also be run for sporting organisations and/or teams as part of a club training camp.

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MOVE Exercise Classes

Offered to the everyday person, these are designed with movement efficiency, basic strength and control and posture in mind. They are run in a small group setting with one coach to approximately 4-6 people.

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