We are here to help you. We want you to be as informed as possible about how we help, so that you can make your own decision about your care.

Our Business Values

We are a proud business and it is our duty to uphold a certain standard of care.

The below business values are at the core of this standard of care.

  1. Integrity: Doing what is right and doing what we say we will do, both morally and ethically.
  2. Respect: Earning respect by being trustworthy, a team player and establishing mutually beneficial relationships.
  3. Performance: Achieving superior results by providing the highest quality care at all times.
  4. Simplicity: Focusing our efforts on the things that matter most.
  5. Accountability: Defining and accepting responsibility and delivering on our commitments.

Our Practitioners

Our practitioners hold, as a minimum, a Bachelor degree in Physiotherapy, Exercise Science, Business and/or Administration. Most of our practitioners have further qualifications in related fields and others have more specialised training in specific areas via postgraduate programs. You will always be able to choose your practitioner that you feel will meet your needs. If you would like further information about a practitioner that may be better suited to your needs, you can always visit our website or ask a member of our staff.


Simon Poole


Sports and Exercise Titled Physiotherapist
Associate Lecturer - University of Queensland (Rehabilitation Sciences)

Sherree Cavanagh

Women's, Men's and Pelvic Health Titled Physiotherapist

Andrew Lack


Stuart McBean


Geordie Koest


Laura Horsman


Daniel Mulligan


Reuben Bickell


Diane Cousineau


Jack Broadhurst


Exercise Science

Mick Schramm

Exercise Scientist

Angus Deeth

Exercise Scientist

Our Services

We provide physiotherapy and exercise science services to the community.

Our physiotherapy services include the following streams:

  1. Musculoskeletal
  2. Sports
  3. Paediatric
  4. Pelvic Health
  5. Pre-teen and Adolescent
  6. Post-surgical Rehabilitation
  7. Longstanding Pain
  8. Headaches and Migraines
  9. Neurological
  10. Workplace
  11. Taping

Our exercise science services include the following areas:

  1. Athletic Development
  2. Performance Training
  3. Performance Testing
  4. Intensive Athletic Camps
  5. Exercise Classes

For more information, or call and ask one of our staff or email the practice manager at pm@moverocky.com.au.

Things to expect during your initial appointment

  1. A conversation about you
  2. Consent

We will ask about why you are here. This may include your past history of injury/illness, any documentation from referring practitioners (such as orthopaedic surgeons or a general practitioner) related to your presentation, how you injured yourself, what support you have at home and any other numerous questions that may be sparked by our conversation. It is all an attempt to develop a clear picture of who you are and how we can then tailor our assessment and treatment to you.

*Remember, you have the right to say no to any of these elements if you do not feel comfortable

  1. Movement Assessment

It might seem weird or embarrassing, but we will ask you to walk as part of your assessment. You will be asked to walk (or something similar) no matter your presentation, be that a sore elbow or headache you will be asked to walk. It highlights areas in your body that may be the cause of your symptoms and paints a biomechanical picture of who you are.

This may progress into asking you to jog, skip, squat, push-up, jump, hop or whatever else may be relevant to you. Again, it is all about trying to paint a clear picture of who you are, so that our treatment can be specifically tailored to you.

  1. Physiotherapy specific assessments

Your biomechanics set the foundation for our assessment and treatment. Expect us to ask you to do things while we assist your movement to see if it makes a difference (this is called a treatment direction test (TDT)). It could be as simple as asking you to lift your leg, lift your arms or take a deep breath in as we guide the movement.

We will also use our hands to 'feel' movement. This may include movement in your joints, how you use your muscles to create a movement or different levels of muscle tension in an area. The positions might seem odd sometimes, but it is all relevant to gathering the information required to give the best care.

Our goal is to find the cause of your pain, not just identify what structure is painful.

  1. Exercise science specific assessments

Biomechanics will again be a strong focus, as will specific testing parameters based upon who you are. This may be using the ForceDecks, Timing Gates, or any other testing element the practitioners deem necessary. This will be less hands-on and be a lot more active.

  1. Advice and education

Once our assessment is complete, we will spend time with you explaining why we think you are who you are. This is a vital part of the appointment. If we can convey what we are thinking in a way that makes sense to you, then you will be empowered to understand the changes we need to make. Please ask us questions to clarify if we are not clear enough. You understanding what we are trying to achieve makes the whole process much smoother.

  1. Physiotherapy specific treatment

Your practitioner will either combine hands-on treatment (manual therapy), solely prescribe exercises or a combination of both options. You should never leave your appointment without at least one thing to do in your own time. The hands-on treatment will be quite different to other physiotherapy treatments or other allied health. Our approach lends the practitioners towards very specific hands-on skills and most of the techniques require your assistance.

  1. Exercise prescription

This is the part of our approach that you will find the most different to other services. Our exercise prescription is not your traditional stretch and strengthen philosophy. It is about integrating your entire system to achieve a body position or 'foundation' for your nervous system to recognise the ability create the most efficient and effective movement pattern to improve your symptoms. We may have to correct your breathing, your walking pattern or how you roll. The options are infinite and our strategy will be based on you, not a 'cookie-cutter' process.

  1. Planning

How long between and how many appointments you may need will vary greatly based upon your presentation. Your practitioner will outline this for you. You should leave your appointment with a clear message.

*Remember, you have the right to say no to any of these elements if you do not feel comfortable

Physiotherapy Fees

  • Physiotherapy Schedule of Fees
  • Initial consultation (45mins) - $150
  • Standard/subsequent consultation (30mins) - $100
  • Women’s/Men’s Health Initial consultation (1hr) - $200
  • Women’s/Men’s Health Standard consultation (30mins) - $100
  • EPC Initial consultation (45mins) – this service is not bulk billed - $150 (rebate claimable in clinic)
  • EPC Standard consultation (30mins)– this service is not bulk billed - $100 (rebate claimable in clinic)
  • NDIS consultations are charged at the NDIS approved rate.

*Other appointment types related to insurance companies or other entities will be charged at the agreed rates.

Exercise Science Fees

  • 30mins small-group session - $30
  • 45mins small-group session - $40
  • 60mins small-group session - $50
  • 30mins private session - $40
  • 60mins private session - $80
  • Fit for Life group session (1hr) - $25

*Camps and larger group sessions can be negotiated based upon a needs analysis.


Payment for our services are due at the end of your appointment or as soon as reasonably possible based upon your circumstances.

If you have a question about your account, please email pm@moverocky.com.au.

If you have fallen into financial hardship, we still want to help you. Please talk to us about how we can best manage your situation or email pm@moverocky.com.au.


Please feel free to discuss any of the information in this document or in our privacy and/or confidentiality statements.

We genuinely want you to be as informed as possible about your care. These documents aim to do this.

If you feel we should add or change any of the information contained within this document, please email the practice manager at pm@moverocky.com.au.

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